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Afghan Tortoise (Testudo horsfieldii)

Images and video accompany facts on appearance, distribution, habitat, threats, status, and biology.

Angulated Tortoise (Chersina angulata)

Addresses species facts, status, physical description, range and habitat, diet, activity, reproduction, threats, and conservation efforts.

Asian Brown Tortoise (Manouria emys)

Gives distribution, physical characteristics, diet, behavior, mating, and predators.

Asian Tortoise (Manouria emys)

Includes taxonomy, locations, social structure, behavior, parenting, threats, and status.

Bell's Hinged Tortoise (Kinixys belliana)

Reports on related species, status, locations, biology, appearance, threats, pictures, and conservation.

Elongated Tortoise (Indotestudo elongata)

Furnishes pictures, conservation, threats, facts and status, range and habitat, and description.

Forsten's Tortoise (Indotestudo forstenii)

Includes taxonomy, status, conservation, range, diet, behavior, reproduction, and threats.

Greek Tortoise (Testudo graeca)

Furnishes pictures, related species, status, diet, behavior, distribution, and threats.

Home's Hinge-back Tortoise (Kinixys homeana)

Discusses related species, status, conservation, range and habitat, diet, breeding, and threats.

Impressed Tortoise (Manouria impressa)

Reviews appearance, size, taxonomy, diet, behavior, range, habitat, and threats. Includes pictures.

Pancake Tortoise (Malacochersus tornieri)

Covers size, status, description, range, habitat, biology, and conservation.

Serrated Hinge-back Tortoise (Kinixys erosa)

Details other names, appearance, distribution and habitat, behavior, diet, and threats.

Tortoise ( Chelonians )

Details appearance, types, habitat, diet, habits, and biology.

Totally Tortoise: Fact, Fiction, Fun

Gives difference from turtles, appearance, locations, stories, pictures, jokes, and family.

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