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Adders and Puff Adders Bitis

Relates common names, characteristics, description, range, behavior, reproduction, and species list.

African Wildlife: Puff Adder Facts

Explains names, size, lifespan, distribution, food, breeding, venom, and behavior.

Albany Adder (Bitis albanica)

Gives status, conservation, range, habitat, biology, related species, pictures, and threats.

Gaboon Viper (Bitis gabonica)

Explains appearance, locations, habitat, diet, behavior, predators, breeding, and ecosystem importance.

Many-horned Adder (Bitis cornuta)

Includes pictures, previous name, status, description, range, habitat, behavior, sounds, and threats.

Namaqua Dwarf Adder (Bitis schneideri)

Pictures and videos accompany details on appearance, behavior, range, habitat, diet, threats, and status.

Red Adder (Bitis rubida)

Explains status appearance, behavior, diet, distribution, conservation, threats, and related species.

Rhinoceros Viper (Bitis nasicornis)

Covers description, range, habitat, behavior, food habits, and reproduction.

Southern Adder (Bitis armata)

Furnishes range, habitat, pictures, diet, behavior, appearance, threats, conservation, and related species.

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