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Lizards, Glass

Eastern Glass Lizard (Ophisaurus ventralis)

Combines images with description, range and habitat, habits, prey, reproduction, and source of name.

Glass Lizard - Glass Snake - Legless Lizard

Reviews appearance, distribution, habitat, feeding, and reproduction. Lists Ophiosaurus species.

Glass Lizard (Ophisaurus attenuatus)

Briefly examines range, habitat, appearance, reproduction, behavior, food habits, and status.

The Glass Lizards (Eumeces)

Discusses species, characteristics, source of name, pictures, size, appearance, and locations.

Mimic Glass Lizard (Ophisaurus mimicus)

Covers description, range and habitat, habits, prey, reproduction, abundance, and maps.

Ophisaurus attenuatus attenuatus (Western Slender Glass Lizard)

Contains physical features, natural history, range, and map.

Slender Glass Lizard - Ophisaurus attenuatus

Offers pictures, map, description, subspecies, habitat, behavior, and food.

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