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Lizards and Snakes

Antiguan Racer (Alsophis antiguae)

Details include rarity, pictures, videos, IUCN status, description, locations, threats, and conservation.

Big-eyed Mountain Keelback (Pseudoxenodon macrops)

Contains classification, status, appearance, range, habitat, diet, behavior, image, and conservation.

Grass Snake (Natrix natrix)

Gives biology, range, habitat, appearance, status, conservation, images, and videos.

Kids' Planet: Snakes

Describes status, description, size, lifespan, range, habitat, food, behavior, offspring, threats, and protection.

Leeward Island Racer (Alsophis rijersmai) tells about appearance, distribution, pictures, habitat, biology, threats, conservation, and related species.

Ranawana's Golden Cat Snake (Boiga ranawanei)

Briefly reviews status, range, behavior, and breeding.

Smooth Snake (Coronella austriaca)

Furnishes facts and status, description, range and habitat, biology, threats, and conservation. Includes videos and pictures.

Venomous Snakes of Liberia and West Africa

Relates common and scientific names, description, habitat, and behavior for several species. Caiman Lizard

Presents images, description, range, habitat, diet, adaptations, breeding, and personal observations.

Wormlizards: Amphisbaenidae

Furnishes physical characteristics, geographic range, diet, behavior, reproduction, and conservation status.

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