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Broad-Snouted Caiman

Brief overview examines range, habitat, size, status, and rain forest facts.

Broad-Snouted Caiman

Reports main characteristics, habitat, diet, breeding, size, and predators. Includes map and images.

Caiman crocodilus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Covers appearance, diet, conservation, images, distribution, and common names.

Caiman crocodilus apaporiensis (Medem, 1955)

Includes common names, etymology, description, range, status, diet, and breeding.

Caiman latirostris (Daudin, 1801)

Furnishes etymology and common names, appearance, range, habitat, subspecies, teeth, and pictures.

Caiman yacare (Daudin, 1802)

Discusses subspecies, status, distribution, physical characteristics, food preferences, and breeding.

Jacare' Caiman

Reviews size, appearance, range, habitat, status, nickname, nesting, diet, and threats.

Spectacled Caiman

The Animal Files presents pictures and map, with size, characteristics, habitat, diet, and breeding.

Spectacled Caiman

Combines pictures with details on range, habitat, diet, behavior, breeding, status, and threats.

Yacare Caiman

Short article offers status, size, location, photograph, map, related animals, and other names.

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