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Pacific Giant Salamanders

California Giant Salamander (Dicamptodon ensatus)

Looks at distribution, biomes, appearance, food habits, reproduction, behavior, status, and classification.

Dicamptodon ensatus - California Giant Salamander

Map and photographs accompany facts about appearance, behavior, diet, reproduction, range, and habitat.

Dicamptodon tenebrosus - Coastal Giant Salamander

Explores distribution, habitat, pictures, map, diet, behavior, breeding, status, and similar species.

Pacific Giant Salamander

Article reviews single genus, size, locations, similar animals, sound, and taxonomy.

Pacific Giant Salamander, Dicamptodon tenebrosus

Lists name derivation, trivia, description, distribution, ecology, behavior, and reproduction. Includes picture and range map.

Pacific Giant Salamanders: Dicamptodontidae

Discusses habitat, encounters with humans, characteristics, range, diet, behavior, breeding, and status.

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