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Listings cover information on Woodrats, also called Pack Rats, for kids and teens.

Includes physical characteristics, distribution, habitats, diet and feeding habits, behavior, activity, reproduction, threats, status, and conservation programs.
  • Animal Fact Sheet: White-throated Woodrat

    Presents identifying features, adaptations, habitat, range, wild status, diet, predators, home, lifespan, size, and extra fun-facts. From Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

  • Animal Info - Anthony's Woodrat

    Brief information presents scientific name, links to images, species profile, status, range and distribution history, gestation, food, and activity.

  • Animal Info - Bunker's Woodrat

    Page contains names, links to images and references, size and range, trivia, IUCN statistics, biology, diet, activity, and social nature.

  • Bushy-tailed Woodrat (Neotoma cinerea)

    Contains locations, habitat requirements, physical features, reproductive cycle, middens, home ranges, diet, and status. From University of Michigan ADW.

  • Mexican Woodrat (Neotoma mexicana)

    Animal Diversity furnishes information on locations and preferred habitats, physical appearance, breeding, food, economic importance, and conservation status.

  • San Martin Island Woodrat

    Animal Info page reviews common and scientific names, conservation status, profile, tidbits, status and trends, and biology and ecology.

  • Woodrats (Neotoma species)

    Field guide looks at appearance, size and coloration, locations, activity, houses, breeding season, diet, and concerns.

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