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Squirrels, Scaly-tailed

Flightless Scaly-tailed Squirrel (Zenkerella insignis)

Facts and status, description, range and habitat, biology, threats and conservation, and related species from ARKive.org.

Lord Derby's Scaly-tailed Squirrel

Explains classification, namings, countries, habitats, and facts.

Pygmy Scaly-tailed Flying Squirrel (Idiurus zenkeri)

ARKive.org reports facts and status, description, range and habitat, biology, threats, conservation, and related species.

Scaly-tailed Squirrels

Answers.com presents classification, description, evolution, characteristics, distribution, habitat, behavior, feeding, and status.

Scaly-tailed Squirrels (Family Anomaluridae)

University of Michigan ADW lists genera and species information, behavior, characteristics, appearance, diet, and history.

Scaly-Tailed Squirrels: Anomaluridae

Contains geographic range, conservation status, physical characteristics, habitat, diet, behavior and reproduction, and interaction with people. Includes to species details.

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