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African Wildlife Foundation: Spring Hare

Supplies physical characteristics, habitat, behavior, diet, predators and threats, trivia, and quick facts.

AnimalPlanet: Spring Hare

Brief article offers size, location, habitat, status, threats, overview, media clip, diet, and predators.

Springhare (Family Pedetidae)

Animal Diversity describes range, characteristics, appearance, behavior, habitat, and feeding habits.

Springhare (Springhaas)

R-Zu-2-U covers range, characteristics, appearance, reproduction, nesting, diet, and captive environmental needs.

Springhare: Pedetidae

Provides range, status, physical characteristics, habitat, diet, behavior and reproduction, and interaction with people.

Virtual Zoo: Springhare (Pedetes capensis)

Provides names, classification, taxonomy, characteristics, habitat, range, diet, and predators. From Pioneer Middle School.

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