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This category contains sites and pages for kids and teens about Beavers, family Castoridae.

Information includes appearance, characteristics, taxonomy, social structure, food habits, diet, range, habitat, communication, behavior, breeding, threats, status, and conservation.
  • Alaska Fish and Game: Beaver

    Provides overview, lifespan, appearance, behavior, habitat, dens and lodges, mating, food habits, predators, and economic importance.

  • American Beaver (Castor canadensis)

    Details range, habitat, physical description, reproduction, longevity, behavior, food habits, and status. From University of Michigan's Animal Diversity Web.

  • Animal Diversity: Beavers (Family Castoridae)

    Combines images with information about family size, behavior, history, characteristics, impact on the ecosystem, and social structure.

  • The Beaver (Castor canadensis)

    Provides impact on ecosystem and habitat, characteristics, behavior, reproduction, and interaction with humans.

  • Beavers: Castoridae

    Offers link to species account, geographic range, conservation status, physical characteristics, habitat, diet, behavior and reproduction, and interaction with people.

  • Enchanted Learning: Beaver

    Printable coloring page heads overview, lodges and dams, anatomy, diet, and predators.

  • Eurasian Beaver (Castor fiber)

    University of Michigan gives classification, geographic range, habitat, physical description, reproduction, longevity, behavior, food habits, and status through Animal Diversity Web page.

  • Mongolian Beaver

    Earth's Endangered Creatures article lists scientific name, group, date and area listed, range, population, characteristics, lodges, habitat, appearance, diet, reproduction, threats, and conservation plans.

  • National Geographic: Beaver (Castor canadensis)

    Page includes range map, photograph, species overview, fast facts, sound clip, video, and printable factsheet.

  • NatureWorks: Beaver - Castor canadensis

    Provides pictures, classification, physical description, locations, habitat, usual diet, mating, caring for the young, lifespan, social structure, and interaction with the environment.

  • Rolling Hills Wildlife: Beaver

    Factsheet compiles scientific details, population status, locations and preferred habitat, physical information, fast facts, special features, and reproduction.

  • Virtual Zoo: Beaver (Castor canadensis)

    Pioneer Middle School page includes common and scientific names, classification, size, appearance, habitat and range of different species, population, diet, predators, and remarks.

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