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Sites and pages listed here contain data for kids and teens about the various species of River Dolphins.

Information may include taxonomy, reproduction, social behavior, communication, appearance and characteristics, adaptations, food habits and diet, threats, status, and conservation.
  • Animal Info - Indus River Dolphin

    Discusses this freshwater species, including status, names, threats, population trends, miscellaneous information, life cycle, diet, behavior and activity, and social structure.

  • Baiji

    Explores other names, status, profile, tidbits, status and trends, and biology and ecology. From Animal Info.

  • Boto (Amazon River Dolphin)

    Animal Info lists common and scientific names, profile, tidbits, status and trends, biology, and ecology.

  • Pink Dolphins in Danger

    Provides information about different species, including habitat, appearance, status, and threats.

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