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Animal Info - Persian Mole (Talpa streeti)

Contains genus overview, diet, behavior, and size, as well as species location, IUCN status, history, and threats. Ryukyu Mole (Mogera uchidai)

Looks at other names, taxonomy, status, characteristics, related species, location, habitat, threats, and conservation issues.

Enchanted Learning: Mole

Contains printable coloring page, locations, habitat, behavior, size and appearance, diet, and feeding habits.

Hairy-tailed Mole (Parascalops breweri)

NatureWorks offers classification, picture, physical description, feeding habits, range, life cycle, preferred habitat, and behavior.

Mammal Society: The Mole (Talpa europaea)

Gives description, range, habitat, diet, breeding, conservation, and FAQs.

Mole (Talpa europaea)

From, describes appearance, classification, images, videos, biology, conservation status, range, habitat, and related species.

Scalopus aquaticus (Linnaeus), Eastern Mole

Explores physical characteristics, distribution, litter size, ecology, predators, and conservation information. European Mole

Details digging habits, breeding, size, life cycle, social behavior, diet, longevity, sounds, and interesting facts.

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