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Animal Diversity: Moonrat (Echinosorex gymnura)

Discusses regions, habitat, appearance, breeding, social behavior, and feeding habits. Includes drawing and taxonomic table. Mindanao Gymnure (Podogymnura truei)

Contains information on appearance, distribution, activity, diet, breeding, related species by group, and photographs.

Hainan Gymnure (Hylomys hainanensis)

Explores previous name, taxonomy, related species by habitat and status, description, locations, threats, and conservation efforts. From

Malayan Moonrat (Echinosorex gymnura)

Reports appearance and size range, locations, typical habitats, food habits, social structure, reproduction, and conservation.

Mindanao Gymnure (Podogymnura truei)

Limited available information includes classification, drawing, distribution, length, fur, coloring, communication, and diet. From University of Michigan Animal Diversity Web.

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