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Gemsboks, also called African Oryxes, are one of four species in the Genus (Oryx), related to Roan Antelopes, Sable Antelopes, and Addax.

Information listed in this category for kids and teens explains social groups, classification, appearance, size, coloring, reproduction and parenting, range, habitat, threats, status, conservation, diet, and feeding habits.
  • Gemsbok (Oryx gazella)

    IUCN classification, taxonomic difference, physical features, species distribution, adaptations, social behavior, and threats from Includes pictures and videos.

  • Out To Africa: Oryx

    Facts include Swahili name, characteristics, lifespan, diet, predators, original habitat, social system, hierarchy, parenting, and trivia.

  • South Africa Wildlife: The Gemsbok - Oryx gazella

    Tells about size, markings, horns, original habitat, typical diet, predators, and reproduction.

  • Gemsbok

    Combines tracks, distribution map, measurements, primary habitat, name derivation, physical appearance, different races, and behavior.

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