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Desert USA: Mexican Gray Wolf

Explains this sub-species' history, range, habits and habitat, diet, size, and life cycle. Arctic Wolf (Canis lupus arctos)

Includes distribution and map, social structure, migration, breeding, and threats. Wolf (Canis lupus)

Natural History Notebook provides physical characteristics, social structure, distribution, and interaction with humans.

Nova: Wild Wolves

Provides information on how and why wolves howl, with sound clips, and examine the wolf's relationship with the domestic dog.

Timber Wolf Information Network: Kids Only

Features a guide to wolf body language, information on the animals in the wolf's food web, kids' art and poems, books, and activities.

The Wild Ones: Maned Wolf

Details include appearance, adaptations, range and habitat, threats to survival, behavior, and cultural importance.

Wolf Country: Wolf Species

Provides classification and links to information on species in North America, and Europe and Asia.

Wolf Quest

Presents a roleplaying game where players live the life of a wolf in Yellowstone National Park. Includes game download, forum, wolf facts, and video and art galleries.

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