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This category contains information for kids and teens about Wolves.

Data includes evolution, species, appearance, habitat and range, food habits and diet, social structure, communication, reproduction, threats, and status.
  • Animal Corner: Wolf Species

    Lists Latin names, habitats, and threats for various species and sub-species.

  • Desert USA: Mexican Gray Wolf

    Explains this sub-species' history, range, habits and habitat, diet, size, and life cycle.

  • Endangered Species: Arctic Wolf

    School research project offers description, habitat requirements, adaptation, endangerment, and restoration.

  • Arctic Wolf (Canis lupus arctos)

    Includes distribution and map, social structure, migration, breeding, and threats.

  • Wolf (Canis lupus)

    Natural History Notebook provides physical characteristics, social structure, distribution, and interaction with humans.

  • Nova: Wild Wolves

    Provides information on how and why wolves howl, with sound clips, and examine the wolf's relationship with the domestic dog.

  • The Wild Ones: Maned Wolf

    Details include appearance, adaptations, range and habitat, threats to survival, behavior, and cultural importance.

  • Wolf Country: Wolf Species

    Provides classification and links to information on species in North America, and Europe and Asia.

  • Wolf Quest

    Presents a roleplaying game where players live the life of a wolf in Yellowstone National Park. Includes game download, forum, wolf facts, and video and art galleries.

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