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Information in this category for kids and teens looks at Jackals. DNA research indicates that one species, the Simian Jackal (Canis Simensis), is actually more closely related to Wolves.

Details include classification, taxonomy, behavior, range and habitat, food habits and diet, communication, social structure, reproduction, appearance, threats, and conservation.
  • African Wildlife Foundation: Jackal

    Supplies appearance, behavior, predators, habitat, diet, and trivia about three East African species.

  • Animal Diversity: Golden Jackal (Canis aureus)

    Furnishes pictures, classification, geographic range, habitat, physical description, reproduction, behavior, food habits, and status.

  • Animal Planet: Jackal

    Short article tells about range, appearance, related animals, diet, mating, and status.

  • ARKive.org: Golden Jackal (Canis aureus)

    Lists facts, status, threats, range, habitat, conservation, images, biology, and related species.

  • A-Z Animals: Jackal

    Gives locations, species, pictures, packs, size, behavior, diet, appearance, range map, and related animals.

  • Golden Jackal

    Features names, physical characteristics, courtship, diet, relationships, cultural perceptions, and list of subspecies.

  • Jackals - United We Stand

    Wild Watch Living Library reports relatives, species, range and habitat, mating and social structure, diet, and interaction with humans.

  • The Jungle Store: Jackal

    Describes range, diet, behavior, communication, species, habitat, breeding, fun facts, and references.

  • Out to Africa: Jackal

    Covers basic facts, characteristics, habitat, behavior, diet, caring for young, predators, and trivia.

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