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Cervids Caribou

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This category contains sites with information for kids and teens about this member of the Deer family, including classification, physical appearance, breeding, diet, behavior, habitat and range, lifespan, life cycle, threats in the wild, and conservation efforts.
  • Alaska Fish and Game: Caribou

    Furnishes information on species, names, characteristics, calving, antlers, social structure, food habits, movement, hunting, and population dynamics.

  • Caribou

    Describes appearance, distribution in British Columbia, diet, breeding, and tracks. From BCAdventure.

  • Caribou, Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus)

    Ultimate Ungulate provides classification, physical description., reproduction, ecology, behavior, distribution, status, and remarks.

  • NatureWorks: Caribou

    Offers classification, characteristics, range, habitat, diet, life cycle, and behavior.

  • Virtual Zoo: Caribou “Reindeer” (Rangifer tarandus)

    Provides names, classification, range, characteristics, diet, size, mating, and behavior. From Pioneer Middle School.

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