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Information about Jaguars for kids and teens includes appearance and characteristics, diet and feeding, breeding and reproduction, habits, habitat and range, threats to their survival, and conservation efforts.
  • Cat Survival Trust: The Jaguar

    Includes description, distribution, diet, behavior, reproduction, and conservation status.

  • DesertUSA: Jaguars on the Fence

    Covers habitats, ranges, major threats, and current status, as well as risks to endangered desert species from a border fence.

  • The Jungle Store: Jaguars

    Discusses size, habitat, range, diet, fur, social habits, and fun facts.

  • National Geographic: Jaguar

    Offers map of range, fast facts, video, distribution history, folklore, behavior, appearance, social habits, video, printable sheet, and sound clip of this endangered cat.

  • The Wild Ones: Jaguar

    Describes appearance, size, diet, habitat in the Americas, and conservation status. Includes pictures and sound clip.

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