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  • The Animal Files: Hirola

    Relates name, status, location, appearance, lifespan, characteristics, habitat, diet, breeding, predators, interesting facts, and range map.

  • Animal Info: Hirola

    Furnishes common and scientific names, status, overview, trivia, taxonomy, population estimates, threats, habitat, diet, behavior, and social structure.

  • Hirola (Beatragus hunteri)

    Facts and status, description, range and habitat, biology, threats and conservation, and related species information from ARKive.org Threatened Species.

  • Hirola (Beatragus hunteri)

    Animal Diversity describes classification, range, habitat, appearance, reproduction, longevity, behavior, food habits, and conservation status.

  • Hunter's Hartebeest, Hirola (Beatragus hunteri)

    Factsheet from Ultimate Ungulate article reviews taxonomy, characteristics, reproduction, ecology, behavior, distribution, and status.

  • Wild About You: Hirola (Hunter Antelope)

    Provides average mass and shoulder height, image, footprints, range map, status, taxonomic record, range, and habitat.

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