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Flamingos are colonial-nesting water birds, in the Order Phoenicopteriformes and Family Phoenicopteridae, although some sources include them in the Order Ciconiiformes. There are five recognized species in this group.

Information listed in this category looks at classification, physical characteristics, range, habitat, diet and feeding habits, social groups, reproduction, threats, status, and conservation.
  • American Flamingo

    WhoZoo reports names, range, habitat, zoo and wild diets, physical appearance, parenting, behavior, adaptations, reproduction, and communication.

  • Animal Bytes: Flamingo

    San Diego Zoo gives video, gallery, statistics, fun facts, coloring, diet, feeding habits, groups, displays, flight, nests, parenting, and predators.

  • WhoZoo: Chilean Flamingo

    Student paper teaches names, locations, preferred habitat, status, diet, appearance, flocks, coloring, nesting, and animals at the zoo.

  • The Wild Ones: Flamingos

    Covers appearance, taxonomy, where they live, why they are pink, what they eat, how they live, and chart of species' names, and ranges.

  • Wonderclub: Greater Flamingo

    Contains flight details, habitat, migration, breeding, food and feeding, size, nests, fledging period, diet, call, and lifespan.

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