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True Falcons

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Members of the family Falconidae, True Falcons include Kestrels, Gyrfalcons, and Merlins, as well as Peregrine, Aplomado, Teita, and Prairie Falcons.

Sites and pages listed here explore taxonomy, characteristics, diet, hunting, reproduction, locations and habitats, social structure, threats, and status.
  • Caracaras and Falcons

    Describes the four Sonoran species, including size differences, nesting, flight, distinguishing features, sounds, diet, behavior, and life history.

  • GVAS Rochester Falconcam

    Perched atop the Powers Building in downtown Rochester, this cam follows the nesting of the newly hatched birds each year.

  • Red-footed Falcon (Falco vespertinus)

    Presents classification, status, locations, appearance, size, social structure, nesting, and related species.

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