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Absolute Astronomy: Serinus

Details members of the genus, locations, size, appearance, taxonomic debate, and possible reclassification.

Ankober Serin (Serinus ankoberensis)

Provides facts and status, description, range, habitat, biology, threats, and conservation.

Syrian Serin (Serinus syriacus)

BirdLife International looks at status, cause of vulnerability, identification, population estimate, range, ecology, threats, and conservation measures.

Syrian Serin (Serinus syriacus)

Discusses taxonomy, status, size, threats, diet, behavior, range, habitat, conservation, and images.

Yellow-fronted Canary (Serinus mozambicus)

Explains geographic range, habitat, physical appearance, mating, lifespan, behavior, food habits, and predation.

Yellow-throated Seedeater (Serinus flavigula)

Includes picture, size, status, physical description, range, habitat, diet, threats, and conservation recommendations.

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