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Birds are warm-blooded, egg-laying, feathered vertebrates with forelimbs modified to form wings in the Class Aves.

Information listed here includes general information on Birds, as well as individual Orders, Families, and Species.
  • The Aviary

    Dedicated to bird lovers which includes a list of birds featured in the site. Includes photos and descriptions of each kind.

  • Bird Photos

    Contains a photo gallery of birds from Australia. Features hundreds of species with informative notes.

  • The Bird Zoo

    Virtual zoo provides images of various bird habitats, regions, and species. Many sections offer additional information about pictured birds.

  • Hawaiian Bird Names

    Contains English name, scientific name, Hawaiian name and meaning, and links to sounds.

  • KidWings

    Designed to teach young and old about the wonders of birds. Highlights the Virtual Owl Pellet Discussion and many interactive activities.

  • Photo Bird Ireland

    Features a collection of bird photos from Ireland. Accepts either photo or information contributions about birds.

  • Wonderclub: Eclectus Parrot

    Examines behavior, appearance, mating, nests, diet, feeding habits, measurements, breeding facts, and lifestyle.

  • Wonderclub: Ruby-throated Hummingbird

    Includes migration, breeding, food, feeding, size, nesting, habitat, diet, call, lifespan, and trivia.

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