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Sites in this category and subcategories contain information for kids and teens about Animals. This includes Birds, Fish, Reptiles, Amphibians, Invertebrates, and Mammals.

Details include classification; groups, families and species; physical description, range and habitat, diet, lifespan, reproduction, behavior, communication, threats, and conservation.
  • abcteach Directory: Animals

    Offers fact cards, games, coloring pages, activities, and forms that teach about amphibians, birds, bugs, dinosaurs, endangered species, fish, mammals, and reptiles.

  • Alabama Wildlife Federation

    Non-profit organization promotes wildlife and natural resources conservation. Includes educational activities, book resources and outdoor adventure details.

  • Animal Fact Guide

    Presents information about interesting and endangered animals around the world plus wildlife wallpapers, coloring pages, and word searches.

  • Animal Sounds

    Presents descriptions of the noises and grunts made by the Earth's fauna as expressed in various languages.

  • AnimalCams

    Live web cams, which feature many of the National Zoo’s animals.

  • Children of the Earth - Amazing Animals

    Learn about cranes, the Eastern panther, and Native American power animals through animation and a fun game.

  • Drew's Animals

    Offers games, coloring books and other activities for kids.

  • Earth Rangers

    Portal for kids to explore and learn about how to protect animals and their habitats. Includes eco-games, videos, and a blog.

  • EnchantedLearning Arctic Animals

    Offers a listing of fauna to be found in this type of environment. With pictures and descriptions.

  • Fact Monster - Which Animal?

    Take this quiz about animals, check the answers, and try some more quizzes.

  • Introduction to the Metazoa

    Offers a tour of the animal kingdom. Includes discussions on fossils, history, ecology, systematics and morphology.

  • National Geographic: Amazing Animals

    Contains feature articles about animals from around the world, plus quizzes, videos and habitat information.

  • Nature Works Carnivores

    Offers pictures of different animals with description.

  • Our Animals

    Presents an educational tool for lower to middle primary school students. From the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

  • What is a Carnivore?

    Provides information on the importance of these animals in the ecosystem. With pictures and links.

  • Wildlife Web II Herbivores and Carnivores

    Contains information on kinds of consumers. With photos and links.

  • World Almanac for Kids Amazing Animal Facts

    Presents information on fauna with descriptions.

  • Zoobooks

    Offers games and information about animals that are specifically tailored for children. Includes subscription policies.

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