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Science Astronomy and Space

  • An Atlas of The Universe

    Contains maps of the universe zooming out from the nearest stars to the entire visible universe.

  • Astronomy for Kids

    Check out sky maps, the planets, sky wonders, and constellations. Visit the Beginner's Corner for some useful tips.

  • Big Brain Science

    Children can learn about the solar system and learn how to conduct an experiment.

  • Cool Cosmos

    Kids resource for a wide range of information about the outer space.

  • - Astronomy

    Learn all about the planets and our solar system, and find classroom activities and fun things to do, including arts and crafts.

  • - Astronomy Dictionary

    Study up on lots of astronomy-related terms, from "aberration of light" to "zodiacal light.".

  • - The Planets

    Learn about the nine plants and their moons, and check out some fun activities and quizzes.

  • Fact Monster - Space Quiz

    Take the space quiz to learn more about outer space, and try some other quizzes, too.

  • Hawaiian Astronomical Society: Deepsky Atlas

    Features constellation myths, maps and images. Includes alphabetical search.

  • Imagine the Universe

    NASA's resource for students age 14 and up, and for anyone interested in learning about our universe. With grade school level astronomy information and dictionary.

  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory: Games and Activities

    Offers a variety of space themed games and activities for children, graded according to age. From the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the California Institute of Technology.

  • Marc's Observatory

    Guides children through what there is to see in the night sky, including finding stars with names used in the Harry Potter books.

  • NASA for Kids

    Features news for kids, a collection of interactive games and activities, stories, and an online kids club.

  • NASA Kids

    Try some of the space-related projects and games for kids, as well as art, stories, and activities.

  • NASA Science for Kids

    Contains answers to "big questions" kids ask about NASA's space programs.

  • NASA Space Place

    Features space-related games, projects, animations, facts and community organizations.

  • Nasa's Imagine the Universe

    Intended for children age 14 and up; provides extensive astronomy explanations and articles, plus an archive of Ask an Astrophysicist questions and answers.

  • Nine Planets

    Take a multimedia tour of the solar system, and see close-up photos of the planets and their moons.

  • The Nine Planets - For Kids

    An adaptation of Bill Arnett's site, designed especially for upper elementary children. Contains information on current scientific knowledge about the planets as well as mythology and photographs.

  • Ology: Astronomy

    Offers astronomy themed quizzes, games and activity ideas, plus an interview with an astronomer.

  • Solar System Exploration: Kids

    NASA site offering many interactive learning features, games and activities for children, on topics concerning our solar system.

  • Space Weather Center

    Explores for children the story of space weather effects, from the plasma state of matter and the Sun, to forecasting auroras and storms in Earth's magnetic field.


    Comprehensive space information resource covering topics on heavenly bodies and space technologies. With multimedia galleries.

  • Star Child

    Learning center for young astronomers includes articles and astronomy explanations at two reading levels, plus a variety of games, puzzle and activity ideas.

  • StarChild

    A NASA learning center for young astronomers. With articles on the solar system and universe and classroom activities.

  • Surfing the Solar System

    Interactive web hunt game for older children or families, where kids must solve a number of clues in order to reveal what might be a popular solar system tourist destination one day.

  • Telescopes in Education

    Check for program information, telescope history, participating schools, online resources, observatory camera, internet links and more.

  • We Choose The Moon

    Interactive re-creation of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon, from the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library.

  • Windows to the Universe

    User-friendly learning system focusing on the earth and space sciences, accessible to the general public. Offers three reading levels.

  • Windows to the Universe - Space Weather

    Learn what creates the weather in space, and link to a current view of the sun.

  • Zoom Astronomy

    Provides brief, colorful explanations of astronomy topics and the planets, plus instructions and ideas for astronomy crafts.

  • The Zula Patrol

    3D/CG animated children's show which focuses on specific educational science learning objectives.

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