Geometry in the Best of the Web Directory

Geometry Geometry Puzzles

Furnishes collection of brain puzzles designed to test and improve geometry skills.

Cyberchase: Geometry

PBS Kids presents games, videos, and activities about geometry. [Need sign-in to save scores.].


Houses numerous area, volume and surface area formulas.


Maintains plane figures, solid figures and formulas.

Geometry Online

Presents information regarding the history of Geometry, hidden irrationals, polygons and glossary of terms.

Geometry: Step-by-Step

Tackles geometric problems, quotes and quizzes.

Intro to the Works of Euclid

Features information on life of Euclid, structure of elements, its components and references.

Math is Fun: Geometry

Includes plane and solid geometry, perimeter, area, congruent and similar shapes, symbols, angles, transformations, and symmetry.

Sakharovs: Tim's Triangular

Delivers points on facts about triangles, advanced topics and related problems.

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