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Myths and Folktales Norse - Norse Mythology

Offers articles on Norse mythology, the nine worlds, deities and the Eddas.

Ancient German Religion

Briefly outlines the development of Germanic and Norse mythology and religion, and profiles Freya, Odin, Thor, Tyr and Loki.

Barbarian's Norse Religion Page

Features information on Norse Gods and Goddesses, plus a look at how the ancient Norse religion is still practised by some modern day branches of paganism.

Encyclopedia Mythica: Norse Mythology

Provides a "family tree" of Norse deities plus an A-Z of short articles on aspects of Norse mythology.

Mythology and Religion of the Vikings

Offers answers to questions asked by site users about Norse mythology and religion.

Norwegian Folktales

Contains a large collection folktales in English, linked to the original Norwegian.

Timeless Myths: Norse Mythology

Features detailed information about Norse deities, monsters, heroes, creatures and sagas.

Viking Gods of Norse Mythology

Presents an A-Z of more than a hundred Norse Gods, Goddesses and mythological stories and creatures.

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