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Sites and pages in this category offer information for kids and teens about Atheism, the belief that there is no God or higher power.
  • Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry – Atheism

    Discuss the strong and weak ranges of atheism along with definitions of terms.

  • Free Thinking Teens

    Moderated forums for non-theist teens. Topics include general conversation, science, politics, environment, and atheism vs theism debates.

  • Morality Without God

    Explores theories of the origins of morality, including biological, sociological, and psychological influences.

  • Quella's Question

    Features comics and articles about atheism, from a Christian viewpoint.

  • The Secular Web

    Nonprofit educational website promoting a naturalistic worldview of atheism, agnosticism, skepticism, and secularism.

  • Why Atheism?

    Offers empirical arguments related to atheism, the existence of gods, intelligent design, creationism, and evolution.

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