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Banking Kids

Offers a selection of money and banking themed activities for young children, older ones and teens.

Dollars and Sense for Kids

Outlines history of economics from ancient practices of bartering up until its current developments.

Electric Money

Explores the history of money before computers and contrasts it with money in the digital age.

Euro Kids Corner: All About Money

Offers a short guide to the history of money, with particular emphasis on European currencies.

FDIC Learning Bank

From the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation; offers a children's guide to this entity, with information on what it does, why it was formed and how it works.

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Contains a free downloadable activity book on money topics, plus information on money around the world and historic US currency.

Future Investor Clubs of America

Organization that provides a training ground for kids to become business oriented.

Gen I Revolution

Game for middle and high school students which sees them managing fifteen different personal finance scenarios. Provided by the Council for Economic Education.

HIP Pocket Change

From the US Mint; features games, historical facts and articles about money, mint establishments and coins.

In The Mix: Financial Literacy

Tells about budgets, opening a bank account, and credit cards. Gives money dictionary, moneymaking ideas, and financial calculators.

It All Adds Up

Site for teens which convenes details about financial matters; management, savings, investments, and more.


Coalition that offers a reality check of personal financial literacy for students. Students choose a lifestyle, and then see what is needed to support it.

Kid’s Money

Presents information about stock marketing and moneymaking designed for children’s education.

Kids Bank

Features this tutorial website the explains fundamentals of money and banking to children.

Kid's Money: Kids

Teaches about making money, spending money, and saving money, with games, activities, videos, surveys, and articles.

MegaPenny Project

Easy way to visualize what a million, billion, or trillion looks like using pennies as the model.

The Mint

Guides children through earning, saving, spending, investment, owing a debt, safeguarding, and tracking one’s assets.


Kids make friends and learn about money from the characters of Hoofy and Boo.

Money Instructor

Features lessons and lesson plans on financial literacy, earning and spending and basic business skills.


Guide to spending, saving, investing, and earning the Girl Scout way.

Nefe Teen Resource Bureau

Comic relief allowing teeners to gain insight on smart money management. Features practical stories teenage finance life.

PBS Kids: Money

Offers article and games for children on a money management theme.

Planet Orange

Highlights the word of money; featuring Moneyland, Investor Islands, Republic of Saving and South Spending.

Responsible Allowance

Individual developmental computer program assists children in becoming responsible with time and money management skills.

Savings Bond for Kids

Guides children through learning money matters and knowing the basics of the U.S. savings bond.

Young Americans Center for Financial Education

Highlights bank for young people under 12; includes programs and classes, news, events, and resources.

Young and Successful

Outlines services provided by the company in molding young adults to become successful in their personal and professional careers. Also accepts membership application.

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