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Animals and Insects

  • Adventures of Peter Rabbit

    Provides detailed information on the characters, summaries, and games.

  • Adventurous Bunny and Easter Island

    Story about a stranded bunny taken to the home of candy-making plants and tasty reefs, which is called as Easter Island. Shows illustrations and an abstract about the tale.

  • Ain’t Got No Honey For My Oats

    Contains a story about a bear who fails to notice that people will like him for his real self.

  • Animal Stories

    Shows a series of fables written by Jeff and Tracy Erzin.

  • Animals Myths and Legends

    Showcases collection of legends, myths, and animal stories for kids.

  • Animals You Can See at the Zoo

    Presents animal drawings, descriptions and sounds.

  • Cabbit Story

    Narrates the story of a rabbit who thinks he is a cat just because he was adopted by one.

  • Cat Fun

    Contains original stories, drawings, and pictures about cats.

  • Children’s Reading Room

    Features a collection of stories from the Museum of Unnatural Mystery.

  • Farm Animals

    Presents a free children's story. By Rolando Merino.

  • John and El’s Bear Time

    Illustrated stories about the journeys of two teddy bears. Includes information about the author.

  • Merpy’s World

    Monthly animated musical stories on the adventures of Merpy, Jeremy Dragonfly, and their friends.

  • Panda Bears Playhouse

    Animated storybook offering stories and games with graphics and sound clips, which are designed for kids ages 4-12.

  • Reddy Fox

    Preview of the character's profile through story summaries and text animation.

  • Stories

    Compiles animal stories written by Jeff and Tracy Erzin.

  • Story Dog

    Highlights series of stories about Vinny with games, products, and library.

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