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Animals and Insects

Adventures of Peter Rabbit

Provides detailed information on the characters, summaries, and games.

Adventurous Bunny and Easter Island

Story about a stranded bunny taken to the home of candy-making plants and tasty reefs, which is called as Easter Island. Shows illustrations and an abstract about the tale.

Ain’t Got No Honey For My Oats

Contains a story about a bear who fails to notice that people will like him for his real self.

Alvie, the Little Brown Burro

Features a recorded story collection about adventures of a toy burro. Includes activity page, photo gallery and Alvie's blog. Written by Kathy Lovelace.

Animal Stories

Shows a series of fables written by Jeff and Tracy Erzin.

Animals Myths and Legends

Showcases collection of legends, myths, and animal stories for kids.

Animals You Can See at the Zoo

Presents animal drawings, descriptions and sounds.

Cat Fun

Contains original stories, drawings, and pictures about cats.

Children’s Reading Room

Features a collection of stories from the Museum of Unnatural Mystery.

Farm Animals

Presents a free children's story. By Rolando Merino.

John and El’s Bear Time

Illustrated stories about the journeys of two teddy bears. Includes information about the author.

Merpy’s World

Monthly animated musical stories on the adventures of Merpy, Jeremy Dragonfly, and their friends.

Panda Bears Playhouse

Animated storybook offering stories and games with graphics and sound clips, which are designed for kids ages 4-12.

Reddy Fox

Preview of the character's profile through story summaries and text animation.


Compiles animal stories written by Jeff and Tracy Erzin.

Story Dog

Highlights series of stories about Vinny with games, products, and library.

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