Language and Literature Online Stories in the Best of the Web Directory

Language and Literature Online Stories

  • Ace Detectives

    Contains mystery cases, stories, and profiles of the four detectives.

  • Adventures of Sydney

    Illustrated story of a young girl in search of her lost cat, written by Matthew B. Siegel.

  • Allen Morgan On-line

    Compiles online children stories by the author.

  • Amazing Adventure Series

    Provides a series of illustrated read-along stories, movies and activities for children of all ages.

  • Athropolis: Home of the Throps and the Squallhoots

    Shows character images and profiles, song lyrics and an overview about this illustrated tale.

  • Avery Hill Bedtime stories

    Provides lists of children's bedtime stories for all ages.

  • Bedtime-Story

    Provides story index, portfolios, and author directory.

  • Beebo in DeliLand

    Story of the adventures of a 6-year old boy who is a local of DeliLand. Shows book reviews.

  • Candlelight Stories

    Explore a collection of children's stories with audio, movies, and free activities.

  • Children’s Stories, Facts and Recipes

    Presents a collection of bedtime stories for 5- 11-year olds. Includes jokes, pictures and lessons to learn.

  • The Children's Nursery and its Traditions

    Offers a free, online collection of classical stories for children. Also features books about old fashioned children's games, entertainment and activities.

  • Children's Stories

    Features a collection of tales written by a teacher to share with his students.

  • Children's Storybooks Online

    Illustrated children's stories for kids of all ages.

  • Circus World

    Presents a storyline for kids about an imaginary circus that is run by its clown characters.


    View published stories, jokes, and poems from kids with online membership.

  • Elements of a Story

    Interactive website of story telling and story creation where kids put plot developments in order, sort events, and select settings.

  • Farmhouse Fables

    Promotes children's stories and fables readable for all ages.


    Presents a government crime fighting agency composed of animals. Allows kids to participate in the storyline and solve mysteries.

  • Grandpa Tucker’s Rhymes and Tales

    Online collection of stories, poems, kiddie songs, and other works of art contributed by kids.

  • If You Love to Read

    Features a story about an American girl who moves to a boarding school in England. Includes resources on other classic stories and fairy tales.

  • IPL Kidspace: Story Hour

    Collection of stories for children from the Internet Public Library.

  • Jimmy and the Golden Gate

    Presents an illustrated story about a young boy who wants to see the Golden Gate Bridge.

  • Little Bird Tales

    Story telling service captures the voice of childhood. Encourages creativity and expression, reading and writing skills, and is a green alternative to printed books.

  • Long Long Time Ago: Stories for Children

    Showcases fables, folktales, fairytales, and myths that kids and even adults can enjoy. Also features books by Rohini Chowdhury.

  • MacScouter Stories for Scouts and Scouters

    Presents a dozen short mysteries to solve. Includes answers to the riddles.

  • Mrs. P's Magic Library

    Interactive digital storybook for kids from by TV star Kathy Kinney starring as Mrs. P. Includes writing contests and blog.


    Resource for animated stories, online games, and recommended readings.

  • Mysteries by Kids

    Presents details on this contest that features whodunit stories written for and by kids.

  • Reading Juice

    Features short and long funny poems, limericks, short stories, and animations.

  • Smories

    Features original stories written for a younger audience read by kids and presented as online videos.


    Presents an art picture book illustrated by the author.

  • Stories from the Web

    Encourages kids and those in their early teens to share their stories and show their talent in writing. Contains a gallery and library zone.

  • StoryCove

    Offers kids and teacher a world of stories. View examples of videos and lesson plans.

  • Storyline Online

    Provides streaming videos of SAG members reading children's books.

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