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By Time Period Middle Ages

Eyewitness to History: Middles Ages and Renaissance

Provides eyewitness accounts of important events during this time period, including the Norman invasion of Britain, the Battle of Agincourt and various battles and incidents of the crusades.

Medieval History

Offers background information on medieval weaponry, houses and music.

The Middle Ages

Provides an overview of homes, clothing, religion, feudalism and life in the middle ages, with quizzes and activities.

Middle Ages Europe for Kids

Contains a wide variety of information for children about daily life in medieval Europe and also about the power of both secular rulers and the Catholic church.

Mr Dowling's Middle Ages Page

Guides children through various cultures of the medieval period, including the Normans, Byzantine Empire, Vikings, Moors, Huns and Charlemagne and the Franks. Also has a bubonic plague section.

Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies

Contains the full text of a number of medieval textbooks written for use in the classroom.

Sir Dragontamer: A Study of the Middle Ages

Offers an outline of everyday life in the middle ages, including at timeline of historical events.

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