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Ancient History Near East

Ancient Anatolia

Provides a wealth of information about ancient Anatolia and Asia Minor, including maps, articles and pictures.

Catal Hoyuk

Describes the ongoing excavations and finds at this Neolithic city, one of the earliest ever discovered.

Chronology of Mesopotamia

Features significant events, by period and empire, from 5000 to 63 B.C. – Mesopotamia

Historical discussion of the early civilization. Also features a brief timeline.

History of Assyrians

Presents insights to the beginnings of the ancient civilization in chronological order.

Mesopotamia – The British Museum

Citation on the discoveries and exploration of the featured historical area.

Mr. Dowling – Mesopotamia

Presents an overview of the development of the area. With other related resources provided.

Mysteries of Catal Hoyuk

Features an introduction for children to the ancient city of Catal Hoyuk and includes games, comics and activities.

Tower of Babel

Explores the built structure and stories related to it. Includes overview of its existence.

Works of Art: Ancient Near Eastern Art

Includes introduction, collection highlights, and related resources.

World Literature: Gilgamesh Study Guide

Covers location, writing, story transmission, versions, the story, and issues.

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