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Europe Ireland

Annie Moore: The Adventure Begins

Teaches children about Annie Moore, a 17 year old Cork girl who made history as the first immigrant to the United States to pass through the Ellis Island facility in New York Harbor.

BBC Tandy: Irish Famine

Explores the Irish famine with a range of interactive options for children.

The Easter Rising

Presents a short multiple choice quiz for children on the Easter Rising.

In Search of Ancient Ireland

Contains articles and video clips on Ireland's ancient culture, religion and daily life.

Ireland 1848 to 1922

Presents articles and images concerning this period in Ireland's history, geared towards senior students.

Ireland's Eye: History

Features a series of short articles covering important events, places and people in Irish history.

The Normans

Examines who the Normans were, why they came to Ireland and what life in Ireland was like under Norman rule.

Northern Ireland Timeline

Covers events from the time of Saint Patrick about 400 A.D. to the Good Friday Agreement in 1998.

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