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Archaeology Mummies

  • The Adventures of Mummy Bear

    Tells about mummies and mummification with comic strips, poems, songs, and jokes.

  • Archeology: Bodies of Bogs

    Details the excavation of the Grauballe man back in 1952 at Nebelgard Mose in Jutland Denmark.

  • Ask Dr. Dig

    Discusses theories on methods of mummy preservation using peat bogs. Includes details about the Tollund man.

  • Mummies of China: The Takla Makan Mummies

    Shows photos and details on the archeological findings about mummies in a remote desert in China.

  • Nova Online: Ice Mummies

    Accounts the 1996 Peruvian Expedition. Contains an article on archeological findings of Dr. Klaus Oeggle on the meal of the iceman before he died.

  • Nova Online: Mummies of China

    Defines the nature of mummies and the various methods used for mummification. Includes insights on the study of language.

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