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Asthma is a condition, affecting millions of kids and teens, where the airways in the lungs swell up and fill with mucus, making it difficult to breathe.

Many different things can trigger an asthma flare-up, also called an asthma attack. Some kids are bothered by animal dander, pollen from plants, or molds. Others may have reactions to dust, perfume, or cigarette smoke.
  • Asthma

    Presents information about asthma, its symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

  • Air Quality Index for Kids

    Shares games and information about air quality, pollution and health, and how to lower risk from dirty air.

  • Asthma Center

    Discusses what asthma is, how it affects the body, what triggers are, and which medications are helpful. Also provides a daily asthma diary, a dictionary of terms, and an action plan for sufferers.

  • Asthma Fast Facts for Kids

    Gives what it is, what causes attacks, treatments, things to remember, exercise tips, and controlling asthma.

  • How Can I Deal With My Asthma?

    Offers tips for teens about inhalers, action plans, environmental triggers, management tools, and how to participate in sports.

  • KidsHealth: Asthma

    Teaches what it is, who gets it, what causes flares, treatments, and inhalers and spacers.

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