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Maps For Kids and Teens

Atlapaedia Online

Houses color physical maps, political maps and key facts and statistics of various countries in the world.

Comes with reference maps, notes and definitions, guide to country profiles and more.

Color Landform Atlas of the United States

Features maps of individual states. Also includes links to other web atlases.

Cynthia Lanius’ Lessons

Explains the significance of maps and its approximations to reality. Also provides a map history.

HRW World Atlas

Showcases a map of the continent with images of bodies of water and countries included. Provides latitude and longitudinal indications.

I Like to Learn

Contains games and quizzes on geographical locations of countries, cities, bodies of waters, and terrains or landmarks.

Map Games

Offers a selection of map games based on finding different countries and physical geography features.


Offers kids information on a variety of mapping topics including direction, the compass, longitude and latitude, with quizzes and games.

Ordnance Survey: Mapzone

Presents a wide variety of games, puzzles and activities to help children with mapping skills, scale, grid references and compass directions. Includes downloadable mapping tools. From the UK's Ordnance Survey.

Outline Maps

Provides in PDF format outline maps of a number of different countries, continents and world regions.

Owl and Mouse Megamaps

Features a variety of printable maps, from a single page to maps seven feet across.

Owl and Mouse: Europe Map Puzzle

Features map of Europe and an overview on various countries, cities, and landmarks. Contains downloadable copies of maps.

Perry – Castañeda Library Map Collection

Highlights maps of current and general interests. Also contains FAQs and map guides.

Spikebuster Learning

Offers educational geography puzzles for kids of all ages.


Searchable geographic databases allow viewing of images and data from the United States and much of the world.

US States and Symbols

Get facts on state symbols, mottos, capitals, governors, demographics and more with interactive quizzes.

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