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Children are digital natives, but it is important to know that they are interacting safely online. This curated list of the best online communities for kids and teens will help to put parental minds at ease.
  • Fun Free Kids Online Games

    Collection of games and kids and teacher resources.


    Monitored video sharing community, especially for kids.

  • Kidtastic

    Presents contests, e-cards, reviews of a variety of kid stuff, and explorative articles.

  • Kidzworld

    Facilitates teen chats, provides online games, and presents fun quizzes and teen dating advice.

  • Squigly's Playhouse

    Offers games, crafts, jokes, brain teasers, writing corner, and coloring pictures.

  • Think U Know

    Created by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Center containing information on internet safety and protected surfing for the youth.

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