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Espalier Gardening

BBC Gardening Guides: Plant an Espalier Tree

Describes what espalier is, buying trained stock, and instructions for support and planting. Includes video and aftercare.

Espalier Your Trees

Explains the technique of training and pruning fruit trees to increase yield. Includes horizontal, palmette, and cordon methods.

Espaliering: The Patient Art

Patrick Rogers' article exploring the art of shaping plants for aesthetic purposes via espalier.


University of Florida extension circular addresses definition, suggested plants, selecting a pattern, and supporting structures.

How to Espalier Plants and Vines

Relates definition, supporting, pruning techniques, apple trees, camellia, plants for sun, and plants for shade.

IFAS Extension: Espaliers

Details about selecting an espalier pattern, formal and informal patterns, supporting espaliers and other related facts.

The Victory Garden: Starting an Espalier

Contains explanation of the technique and instructions for getting started.

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