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Also known as Kaffir lily, winter lily, and bush lily, the clivia is a monocot flowering plant originating from southern Africa. It belongs to the genus Clivia and the Amaryllidaceae family. With flowers that resemble lilies (hence the "lily" monikers), this herbaceous evergreen plant has strap-like leaves and bell-shaped flowers located on a stalk above the foliage. Flowers bloom in a variety of brilliant colors including bright orange, apricot, red, yellow, and red-orange. Bi-color flowers also exist. White clivias are available but are rare.

The most common clivia species is the Clivia miniata possessing flowers with colors that range from deep red-orange to pale yellow. The Clivia nobilis on the other hand is the first named species named in honor of the Duchess of Northumberland, Lady Charlotte Florentia Clive.

Clivias bloom from February to May in the Northern Hemisphere and from July to September in Southern Africa. Being herbaceous, watering is necessary for these plants especially in summer. Clivias don't thrive well in hot, dry conditions and are also unable to tolerate frost and snow.
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