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The agave is a group of tropical plants characterized by sword-shaped thick fleshy leaves and flowers in tall spikes. They are perennial monocots belonging to the family Agavaceae grown as ornamental plants or propagated for their fiber.

Primarily growing in Mexican lands, agaves also grow in the southern and western United States as well as in central and tropical South America. The Agave americana, Agave angustifolia, Agave tequilana, and Agave attenuata are the most popular and most commonly grown species. Given the resemblances in prominent physical features, the agaves are typically associated with or are mistakenly considered to belong to the Cactaceae family. Agaves are not related to the cacti; not even to another popular lookalike, the aloe.

This category features online references and information sources devoted to agaves. Also listed are groups, clubs, or enthusiasts organizations that support or advocate agave cultivation and gardening.
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    Gives detailed descriptions of the agave plant, growing conditions, and a video.

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    Offers information on agave nectar, including free recipes and details of its reputed health benefits.

  • Better Homes and Gardens Plant Encyclopedia: Agave

    Offers general information about Agave, top varieties, garden plans, and photos with descriptions.

  • Daily Mail: Monster Plant

    British newspaper article documenting how an Agave americana grew five feet in a weekend, having been planted by the facility curator twenty eight years beforehand when he was a student.

  • The Giant Agave

    Pools in information about agave plants derived from other online sources. With a collection of agave photos.

  • Introduction to Agaves

    Find detailed descriptions of agave plants, along with a growing guide. Includes a photo gallery.

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