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Insect Control Information

Alternative Control Measures for Pests of Shade Trees and Woody Ornamentals

Covers microbial and botanical insecticides, insecticide soaps, and horticultural oils for home use.

American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA)

Scientific nonprofit service association in New Jersey with membership and activities that are global in scope.

Garden Insect Control Guide

Charts lists pest, affected crops, insecticide, rates of application, soil treatments, and additional information. From North Dakota State University.

Garden Insects

Site created to serve as a comprehensive guide to safe biological pest control through the use of beneficial insects.

Describes the spiders, their poison, and habitat. Includes trap information, FAQs, contact, and where to buy.

No More Pests

Articles, information, and tips on identifying and getting rid of pests.

Spider Bites

Provides information and photos of spider bites and insect bites with first aid, identification and treatment.

UC Management Guidelines for Boxelder Bug

Displays guidelines on pests management program.

University of Kentucky: ENTFacts

Insect information and control advice related to field crops, fruits, vegetables, home, and health.

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