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Baby Homepages

  • Anna Catherine Friedrich

    Contains pictures and videos of the baby together with the family. Also includes birth stories of siblings and a journal of her mother.

  • Anthony Bashan Humphreys

    Displays facts on the baby’s nativity and contains archived photos featuring the growth of the child.

  • Chiara Valentina

    Presents photos with description; during the time she was in her mother’s womb and monthly updates from birth onwards.

  • Emily

    Presents photos of the baby together with her parents and grandparents compiled in a photo album with descriptions.

  • Erin Anastasia

    Shows photos of the baby together with family members and their pet dog. Also includes wedding photos of the child's parents.

  • Ethan’s Virtual Crib

    Features monthly vital statistics of the baby from birth to 6 months. Also includes journal entries of his development.

  • Gunu

    Provides details on the birth and progress of the baby. With photos and links to the parent's relatives included.

  • Ivy’s Domain

    Describes the child through narrations in his birth story. Contains copies of fairy tale stories and lyrics on nursery rhymes.

  • Kamal

    Shows photo of the child. Contains information about the family and birth details of the baby.

  • Lauren Nhieu Pagsolingan

    Born April 11, 2000. Creates memories of the child’s development through photos. Contains an illustration of the family tree.

  • Mallary

    Presents gallery of images from the mother's ultrasound during her pregnancy.

  • Nikki

    Presents a prenatal diary of the baby. Contains a guest book, favorites of the child, and a picture gallery.

  • Olivia Grace

    Contains ultrasound scans of the baby during pregnancy and photos together with parents, grandparents and immediate family.

  • Parent Shack

    Offers hosting and design services for baby and family pages. With features include guestbook, journals, and photo albums provided.

  • Paul and Gail

    Provides photo collection of the twins from early days of birth up to 2 years. Also includes pictures of siblings Ethan, Nathan, and Holland.

  • Sam - The Mr. Baby Show

    Contains chronologically organized photo journals on the child. Also features shots of the area where the family lives as well as family pictures.

  • Sophia Beatriz

    Provides information about the child and her birth story. Contains pictures and a guest book.


    Novelty page featuring photos and information on Griffin Michael.

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