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Showcases monthly taken photos, with corresponding stories and updates of the baby’s growth and development.


Contains information about the baby and the location of the family’s home. Provides gallery of the child's photos.

Anna Catherine Friedrich

Contains pictures and videos of the baby together with the family. Also includes birth stories of siblings and a journal of her mother.

Anthony Bashan Humphreys

Displays facts on the baby’s nativity and contains archived photos featuring the growth of the child.

Baba Babies

Web based utility for parents to create pages for their babies complete with video, photos, and audio files.

Free tool for the creation and hosting of baby home pages.


Contains details of the child’s growth with photos during the time of delivery and first birthday.

Charlotte Mae Tufts

Displays monthly entries of the child’s life from conception to current updates. Includes baby photos.

Chiara Valentina

Presents photos with description; during the time she was in her mother’s womb and monthly updates from birth onwards.


Presents photos of the baby together with her parents and grandparents compiled in a photo album with descriptions.

Erin Anastasia

Shows photos of the baby together with family members and their pet dog. Also includes wedding photos of the child's parents.

Ethan’s Virtual Crib

Features monthly vital statistics of the baby from birth to 6 months. Also includes journal entries of his development.

Finlay Watson

Showcases a gallery of the baby's birth and activity photos.


Provides details on the birth and progress of the baby. With photos and links to the parent's relatives included.


Presents a journal entry on the kid's horseback riding adventures. Provides individual and family photos.

Isobelle Elisa Covinngton

Highlights photos of the child as she grows up from 1 year to primary years. Provides birth statistics, family details, and information about immediate family members.

Ivy’s Domain

Describes the child through narrations in his birth story. Contains copies of fairy tale stories and lyrics on nursery rhymes.


Presents photo albums, which are chronologically categorized from the time of pregnancy to the present stage of the child.


Highlights photos of the child with her parents and includes video clips of the family during vacation.


Shows photo of the child. Contains information about the family and birth details of the baby.

Kennedy Victoria Valley

Explains the history and origin of the child’s name. Includes monthly photo updates of progress.

Lauren Nhieu Pagsolingan

Born April 11, 2000. Creates memories of the child’s development through photos. Contains an illustration of the family tree.

Leah Marie Cutler

Provides a written record of the child’s progress and photo collage from birth to current updates. Also contains information about the parents and pictures on some parts of the baby’s room.


Presents gallery of images from the mother's ultrasound during her pregnancy.

Molly Kay Baxley

Shows a photo of the baby right after delivery. Includes a list of diary journals posted by the parents and a picture album.

Murphy Clan

Displays photo collection of the baby’s first two years and of his birthday parties. Also includes photos of other members of the family.

Nicholas Hamel

Showcases a collection of the child's photos arranged chronologically and monthly from birth up to his 5th year. Also includes home videos.


Presents a prenatal diary of the baby. Contains a guest book, favorites of the child, and a picture gallery.

Olivia Grace

Contains ultrasound scans of the baby during pregnancy and photos together with parents, grandparents and immediate family.

Paul and Gail

Provides photo collection of the twins from early days of birth up to 2 years. Also includes pictures of siblings Ethan, Nathan, and Holland.

Pray for Daisy

Tells the story of Daisy's short childhood dealing with cancer, and the fact that it has left her parents with a half a million dollars in debt. Daisy Love Merrick succumbed to her disease in February 2013 after a valiant fight and against all odds.

Sam - The Mr. Baby Show

Contains chronologically organized photo journals on the child. Also features shots of the area where the family lives as well as family pictures.

Sophia Beatriz

Provides information about the child and her birth story. Contains pictures and a guest book.

Novelty page featuring photos and information on Griffin Michael.

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