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Bella Online Lamb Burgers with Bacon & Cheese

Different kind of burger with rosemary, mustard, lettuce and carrots.

Black Olive Stuffed Baguette

Finely chopped black olives in French crusty bread stick.

California Club Melt

Broiled sandwich using marmalade or chutney spread, cheese, lettuce, turkey, alfalfa sprouts, and orange sections.

Food Reference Cheddar Bacon Sandwich

Made with garlic powder, paprika, worcestershire sauce, lime juice, cayenne pepper, alfalfa or raddish sprouts and avocado.

Health Discovery Mushroom & Roasted Pepper Sandwiches

Sliced mushrooms and red bell peppers with mozzarella cheese in Italian bread. Barbecue

Baked ham with sweet green pepper, onion, sweet pickle relish, ketchup and mustard.

Just Recipes Baked Pizza Sandwich

Lean ground beef with pizza sauce, vegetables, milk, tomato sauce and lots of cheese.

Just Seafood Recipes Catfish Hoagie

Layers of fish fillet and jalapeno or habanero peppers.

Pastry Wiz Walleye pike Sandwiches with Cambridge Sauce

Fish fillet in egg and buttermilk mixture with Cambridge sauce.

The Recipe Circus Chiptole Pork Sandwiches with Plum and Onion Ketchup

Recipe featured in the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

Recipe Source Broiled Cheddar and Egg Salad Buns

Hearty recipe containing eggs and veggies. Chicken Sandwich

Recipe that copies the one by Chick-Fil-A.

Sandy's Recipe Room Panhandle Sandwiches

Recipe taken from Southern Living Magazine for baked glazed ham slices in French bread loaves.

Tuscany Bread Sandwich

Recipe for a vegan sandwich using black olives, tomatoes, vegan French bread, and artichoke hearts.

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