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Grain Recipes and Cooking

  • Cereal

    All about cereals: cereal recipes, breakfast cereals, cereal freebies, healthy cereals and lots of other cereal related stuff.

  • Cereal Recipes from Hugs's Homehearth

    Recipes include Crunchy Breakfast Cereal, Homemade Grape Nuts, Mixed Grain and Wild Rice Cereal, and Muesli.

  • Cook's Thesaurus: Other Grains

    Includes pronunciations and substitutes for grains such as psyllium seed husks, amaranth, millet, quinoa, and teff.

  • Couscous Corner

    Collection includes Apple Couscous, Spinach Couscous, Couscous Stew, and Couscous Tabbouleh.

  • Grain Recipes

    Provides vegetarian recipes such as Hawaiian Quinoa, Shiitake Spelt, and Crockpot Barley.

  • Grain Salad Recipes

    Vegetarian recipes include Couscous Salad, Tabbouli, and Quinoa Salad.

  • Kamut Breakfast

    Calls for Kamut, basmati rice, raisins, vanilla, cinnamon, and sugar.

  • Kamut Salad

    Combines kamut kernels, lemon juice, tamari, sesame oil, canola oil, walnuts, carrots, and cucumber.

  • Sundance Natural Foods: Grains

    Provides nutritional and cooking information for various grains.

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