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Cooking Forums

Amateur Cooks

Online cooking community featuring discussions, member-submitted recipes, and learning resources.

Chowhound: Home Cooking

Forum of home cooks sharing recipes, techniques, shopping lists, new food trends, cookbooks, ingredient substitutions, cocktail recipes, and more.

Cooking Bites

Offers free recipes, advice, and opportunities for discussing, sharing, or obtaining ideas with like minded cooks.

Cooking Discussion Forum

Facilitates sharing and discussions on recipes, restaurants, chefs, and other topics related to cooking. Includes threads on Asian cooking, baking, barbecue, canning and preserving, cookware, cooking appliances, and party planning.

Discuss Cooking

Cooking forum and online community. Includes information and insights on budget dishes, fast food, cooking for events, meat, vegetables, desserts, and miscellaneous topics.

Fine Cooking Forums

Online fine cooking forum. Features discussions on recipes, kitchen equipment, recipe software, diet, and cookbooks.

Presents various food and cooking discussions as well as access to food and drink related newsgroups.

Net Cooking Talk

Discussion board for cooking with threads for tutorials, recipe sharing, cooking apps, food safety, cooking shows, health, frugal eating, and more.

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