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Dessert Recipes

Aaron's A to Z Garden of Easy Recipes for Pies and Puddings

Large collection of recipes for pies, puddings, taffy, candies and many others.

All Easy to Prepare Chocolate Recipes

Array of chocolate recipes collected from newspapers, magazines, box tops and friends.

All Recipes Desserts

Selection of over 750 trusted dessert recipes and advice.

Cheesecake Central

Try easy cheesecake recipes or experiment with a variety of flavors.

All chocolate recipes collection. Find recipes for choco biscotti, brownies, cakes, drinks, fudge, ice cream and muffins.

Coffee Dessert Recipes

Have a plate of coffee with these coffee inspired cakes and goodies.

Cooking Art Desserts

Alphabetical listing of a large collection of recipes. Dessert Recipes

Select from a listing of recipe categories like cheesecakes, fruit desserts, special desserts and many more.

Dessert Delight

Find fine dessert recipes for cakes, ice cream, puddings and pies, and pastries.

Diana Desserts

Dedicated to home bakers. Features recipes for cakes and tortes, pies and tarts, cookies, bread, pastries, even international and holiday recipes.

Famous French Desserts and Breads

Famous French desserts that are sure to make anyone's mouth water.

The French Pastry Chef

Presents recipes for cakes, tarts, parfait and pastries.

Garden Web Dessert Exchange

Place for sharing dessert recipes with other forum members.

Godive Chocolatier Recipes

Collection of chocolate recipes for cakes, candies, truffles, cookies, and drinks. Desserts

Simple recipes for vanilla custard, pumpkin crunch and mocha brownie torte.

Gourmed Greek Desserts

Selection of Greek sweets recipes from top Greek chefs.

Great Recipes Online Desserts

Find a few recipes for cakes, candies, cookies, pies, puddings, frosting, ice cream, pastries and others.

Indian Dessert Recipes

Have a taste of the irresistible Indian desserts with these authentic recipes.

Kosher Cooking Desserts

Contains recipes for Baklava, Chocolate Chip Mundrel Bread, Bubby Maizes Cake and other Indian desserts.

Lesley's Dessert Recipes

Relatively wide variety of recipes for cakes, cookies, snack bars and plenty more.

Mangia Bene Pasta Italian Desserts

Comprehensive index of Italian dessert recipes.

Mariann's Favorite Dessert Recipes

Recipes for home baked cakes ideal for coffee break or tea time.

My Cool Desserts

Variety of fancy dessert recipes for cakes like the Upside-Down Apricot Cake and Mocha Prune Cheesecake.

Go over a rich collection of recipes over a variety of desserts.

Variety of dessert recipes for fruits, nuts and others.

The Rhubarb Desserts

Small collection of recipes made from Rhubarb - a vegetable with many uses and applications.

Robbie's Desserts and Bake Goods Recipes

Look up recipes for cookies, brownies, pastries, cakes, candies, puddings, breads, rolls and other sweet desserts and baked goodies. Dessert Recipes

Small selection of recipes for crepes, trifle, puddings and a few more.


Learn all about tiramisu, its recipes, links and other resources.

Top Tastes Dessert Recipes

Offers a rich index of dessert recipes from almond brickle to zabaglione classico. and Dessert Recipes

Assortment of free recipes including ethnic desserts.

Vicki's Desserts

Offers a relatively wide selection of dessert recipes from a wife's personal collection.

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