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Cookie Recipes and Cooking

Atkinson Milling Co.

Contains cooking procedures for cornmeal cookies, Indian pudding, cornbread and corn meal cakes.

Contains cookie recipes for various holidays, candy and fudge recipes, baking tips and more.

Cindy Renfrow: Favorite Cookie Recipes

Highlights baking directions for oatmeal chocolate chips, shortbread, and gingersnaps.

Cookie Central

Provides over 3,000 recipes for cookies, brownies, frosting and icings.

Cookie Club Recipes

Offers free membership to share cookie recipes, receive monthly recipe updates, and have access to the cookie club cookbooks. Also provides advice on how to have a cookie exchange.

Cookie Recipes

Provides almost 4,000 cookie recipes, including award winners.

Cookie Tin

Details on the origin of cookies, with recipes and baking techniques available.

Cookies that Simple

Consist of cooking instructions on basic sugar and holiday small cakes of various flavors.

Cooks Recipes: Cookies

Provides recipes for a variety of drop, cut-out, molded and shaped cookies, in addition to gift jar mixes.

Danish Recipes: Cookies and Small Cakes

Highlights ingredients and baking procedures for confects like Brunswick cakes, almond butter balls, and shortbread.

Fat Free Cookies

Provides cooking formulas in baking vegan small cakes like brownie-oat, molasses confects, and pumpkin-oatmeal. Cookies and Bars

Contains list of baking instructions for confects and fruit-flavored small cakes.

Holiday Cookie Collection

Lists tips on practical confect making. Includes recipes for hermit cakes and lemon squares as well as dips and icings.

Homemade Cookie Recipes

Contains recipes for international cookies, bars and brownies, cookie gift jars, cut-outs, drop, filled and frosted, low fat, no bake and more. Free membership to cookie recipe club.

Just Chocolate Recipes - Cookies

Offers a variety of cookie recipes using chocolate as an ingredient.

PastryWiz: Cookie Recipes

Database of assorted cookie recipes, like almond biscotti, apple-ginger scones, and chocolate covered macaroons.

Peanut Butter Cookies

Provides step-by-step procedures on baking the confect. Includes images showing the method.

Popular Cookie Recipes

A varied selection of cookie recipes featuring chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar cookies and many others.

RecipeLand: Cookies

Offers almost 4,000 recipes for various cookies.

RecipeSource: Cookies

Offers over 3,500 cookie recipes, including diabetic.

RecipeSource: Ground Pork Peanut Butter Cookies

Enumerates constituents for the baked goods. Also features brief instructions on creating the dessert.

Seasoned Cooking: Cookies and Bars

Offers a recipe index for various cookies and bars.

Secrets to Making Perfect Cookies

Offers advice on baking cookies, with tips on which utensils, tools and pan sizes to use.

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