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Not sure about the multitude of additives and preservatives they're putting in food these days? Is that frozen dinner really that healthy for you? What about the health benefits of wine, coffee, or tea? Here you'll find articles, guides, fact sheets, forums, and other information regarding all things food: from production to nutrition, from bottled water to candy, from margarine to soy. You'll also find information on healthy diet choices, reviews of several restaurants and hotel cuisine, and cooking tips.
  • Bottled Water Web

    Comprehensive information about the bottled water industry. Presents articles about the bottlers, suppliers, and products.

  • Candy Critic

    Features news and reviews of all varieties of candy.

  • Center for Science in the Public Interest

    Tackles nutrition issues as related to societal impact, consumerism, and commercialization.

  • Choose Margarine

    Points out the healthfulness of margarine. With fact sheets and answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Fatburgr

    Every wondered what was in your food? This guide gives a nutritional count of whats in the food from popular restaurant menus.

  • Food Encyclopedia

    Online resource comprehensive information on various food related terms and topics.

  • Food Info

    Multilingual website presents background information about foods, food components, food production, ingredients, and food safety.

  • Food Storage Info

    Food storage, safety and preparation website for household consumers.

  • Food52

    Online food community featuring recipes, cooks, contests, news, and questions and answers.

  • LiquorAndDrink

    Provides information and reviews about various liquor and mixers, drink recipes, related articles, and related links.

  • McSpotlight

    Highlights concerns about the McDonald's fast food chain.

  • Two Dips Ice Cream Tasters

    Provides a large collection of ice cream information with reviews, articles, forums, and related news.

  • What's On My Food?

    Searchable database of pesticides commonly used on fruits and vegetables.

  • Where Is My Milk From?

    Allows consumers to enter the dairy codes from their milk, cheese, yogurt and other products, and returns the name and location of the dairy.

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