Food and Beverage Consumer Information in the Best of the Web Directory

Food and Beverage Consumer Information

  • Bottled Water Web

    Comprehensive information about the bottled water industry. Presents articles about the bottlers, suppliers, and products.

  • Candy Critic

    Features news and reviews of all varieties of candy.

  • Center for Science in the Public Interest

    Tackles nutrition issues as related to societal impact, consumerism, and commercialization.

  • Choose Margarine

    Points out the healthfulness of margarine. With fact sheets and answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Fatburgr

    Every wondered what was in your food? This guide gives a nutritional count of whats in the food from popular restaurant menus.

  • Food Encyclopedia

    Online resource comprehensive information on various food related terms and topics.

  • Food Info

    Multilingual website presents background information about foods, food components, food production, ingredients, and food safety.

  • Food Press

    WordPress spin-off specializing in the online publication of food and cooking related websites.

  • Food Storage Info

    Food storage, safety and preparation website for household consumers.

  • Food52

    Online food community featuring recipes, cooks, contests, news, and questions and answers.

  • LiquorAndDrink

    Provides information and reviews about various liquor and mixers, drink recipes, related articles, and related links.

  • McSpotlight

    Highlights concerns about the McDonald's fast food chain.

  • Two Dips Ice Cream Tasters

    Provides a large collection of ice cream information with reviews, articles, forums, and related news.

  • What's On My Food?

    Searchable database of pesticides commonly used on fruits and vegetables.

  • Where Is My Milk From?

    Allows consumers to enter the dairy codes from their milk, cheese, yogurt and other products, and returns the name and location of the dairy.

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