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Women's Health Smoking

2001 Surgeon General's Report—Women and Smoking

Furnishes summary, health consequences, patterns of use, reproductive outcomes, and dispelling myths.

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids: Background on Women and Girls and Tobacco

Focuses on the tobacco industry's marketing to women and girls, and the resulting health consequences. [PDF].

Catching Our Breath: A Journal About Change for Women Who Smoke

Booklet from The Canadian Women's Health Network (CWHN) examines women and smoking, culture and tobacco, and quitting.

Christy Turlington: Not Just A Cover Model- A Role Model

Features the model-turned-advocate's essay in support of the campaign against smoking.

Cigarettes Linked to Breast Cancer

Research summary presents strong correlation of cigarette smoking to developing breast cancer.

International Network of Women Against Tobacco (INWAT)

Global network of tobacco control specialists dedicated to achieve improved health and greater equality among women and girls in the world by eliminating tobacco use and exposure.

June Russell's Health Facts: Smoking - Women

Fact sheet emphasizes the various damaging effects of smoking on women.

OnHealth: Smokeless Tobacco Increases Breast Cancer Risk

Article relates the significant danger of using smokeless tobacco.

Rite Aid Is Taking A Stand

Photos and list of resources on women and smoking.

Secondhand Smoke Causes Women Decreased Lung Function

Emphasis on the significant impact of inhaling secondhand smoke on healthy body functions.

Smoking and Quitting for Women

Promotes non-smoking through dissemination of smoking facts, negative effects of the habit, and support resources for quitters.

Smoking: A Guide for Teens

Details the negative impacts of smoking and addresses issues on why teens get lured into the habit.

Smoking-Related Deaths On The Rise Among American, French Women

Analysis and figures on the increasing incidence of such deaths among women smokers in these countries.

Steps to Smoking Cessation

Presents steps and tips on quitting the habit.

Tobacco and Women: Trends and Strategies for Quitting

Reviews trends in smoking and cancer, gender differences, ways of quitting, nicotine replacement therapy, and cautions.

Tobacco as a Problem for Women

Links to media articles about tobacco and its impacts on women.

WHO: Why is Tobacco a Public Health Priority?

Urges the public to be concerned as tobacco is the second major cause of death in the world.

Why Cigarettes Can be a Woman's Worst Enemy

CNN report enumerates the reasons women should avoid smoking.

Women, Girls and Tobacco: The Global Facts and the Challenge

Images and information on the worldwide campaign of cigarette smoking on women.

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